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Whether it's sick notes, open school days or photos from the class – tailor-made communication between teachers and parents is required. To make this safe, simple and positive in both directions while protecting everyones privacy, the SaaS start-up SchoolFox developed a new messenger app.

Why Schoolfox chose Exoscale


GDPR compliance

As many schools are still on the starting line of digitisation, SchoolFox has many questions about data protection, indicating a fundamental competitive advantage over established communication services such as WhatsApp, the use of which in formal communication between schools and parents or children is certainly not GDPR-compliant. This strong focus on data security in the education sector shows the great market potential that still exists here. Especially in Germany, the argument that SchoolFox's customer data is stored via Exoscale in European data centres is an extremely powerful one.



Besonders für datenintensive Unternehmen wie SchoolFox bleiben die Migrationskosten, die Wartungskosten sowie die laufenden Serverkosten im Verhältnis zur Datenmenge relativ gering – wovon selbstredend auch die Kunden von SchoolFox profitieren.


Vertrauen in A1 Digital

Besonders in Deutschland ist das Argument, dass die Kundendaten von SchoolFox via Exoscale in europäischen Datenzentren gespeichert werden ein äußerst schlagkräftiges. Daneben zählen auch die Bekanntheit und die Vertrauenswürdigkeit der Marke A1 zu den großen Pluspunkten, die aus Sicht von SchoolFox für die Zusammenarbeit mit Exoscale sprechen.

Case study schoolfox zitat

“Exoscale offers us the best conditions to achieve our core goal: The best possible and close integration of pupils, parents and teachers into the school system through a tailor-made, trusting communication with each other. This is based on Exoscale's storage of cloud data in European data centres, which complies with GDPR and allows us to ensure protection ov everyones privacy.”

David Schalkhammer Managing Director of SchoolFox

The Customer:

SchoolFox is one of the most important providers of this area in the DACH region. The company cooperates with school authorities and individual teachers as well as with entire local authorities – as recently with the largest federal state in the Alpine Republic around Vienna, Lower Austria. The market penetration in some regions is quite impressive. A few months after the start of cooperation with Lower Austria, the start-up is already in daily use at 45 percent of the schools in the federal state.

The Challenge:

Since SchoolFox has been able to build a good reputation as a reliable IT partner for the education system through reliable and trusting cooperation over the last few years, the start-up is aware of its special responsibility. Not least because the personal data of minors, i.e. students, have been particularly protected since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), SchoolFox decided to migrate its customer data to the cloud provider Exoscale.

The Solution:

As a subsidiary of the digitalization company A1 Digital, which is part of Telekom A1 Austria, Exoscale meets several SchoolFox requirements. Due to the legal provisions of the GDPR, there is a strong demand for a regional storage provider within the European Union by the communications start-up and its customers, which mainly consist of schools and public offices. Since the start-up attaches the highest priority to the secure handling of (student) data, it has made the use of specially certified IT infrastructure an absolute prerequisite for long-term cooperation with public institutions.

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