Exoscale guarantees the provision of ZugMap.ch services by 56k.Cloud





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56k.cloud creates technology stack for map project of the canton of Zug

Why 56k.cloud chose Exoscale


Docker ready

One of the challenges during the project was the modernization of some components of ZugMap.ch that were not docker-ready. During the project, 56k.cloud therefore introduced docker containers and DevOps, which allow the Canton of Zug to take advantage of open source technologies such as GitLab, Docker, Traefik, Prometheus and Grafana.


Container ready

In addition, all Linux and Windows components have been successfully migrated into containers, enabling the Canton of Zug to semi-automatically run its DevOps test and deployment processes and to easily deploy new versions of ZugMap.ch in different environments via its DevOps process. What used to take two hours and had to be done manually, now takes only 2 minutes.


Geodata available to all citizens thru the cloud

As a result, the Canton of Zug can now make its entire public geodata infrastructure, including the official government map services ZugMap.ch and the PLR-cadastre, available to the citizens of the Canton of Zug via Exoscale.

56 cloud brian christner

"We are proud and happy to have been selected by the Canton of Zug for the ZugMap.ch project and for accompanying the digital transformation in general. Our partnership and the transfer of knowledge to the GIS team of the Canton of Zug will help to push the ZugMap.ch project even further. Exoscale plays a strategic infrastructural role in this project. Exoscale's services make a significant contribution to ensuring flexibility and agility in the provision of the ZugMap.ch services."

Brian Christner Site Reliability Engineer & Co-Founder of 56K.Cloud

About 56k.cloud

56k.cloud GmbH, headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland), is a technology company in the field of Managed Application & Network Services with a focus on automation and adaptation of cloud infrastructures and applications, container DevOps as well as monitoring solutions to achieve maximum benefit from the cloud for companies. In order to operate its own VPNs and other internal services, 56k.cloud relies on the Exoscale cloud infrastructure operated by A1 Digital International GmbH and the associated services to support companies in building and operating their cloud applications.

Why 56k.cloud chose Exoscale

Since 2018, 56k.cloud has also been offering the Exoscale services, which are offered and hosted in Switzerland and offer a high degree of flexibility through open source technology, to its customers. The decisive factors for this step were the infrastructure services provided by Exoscale, such as cloud-enabled virtual automation including a terraform provider and a very well-documented, powerful API, good and fast customer service and price levels that are transparent and easy to understand for the customer.

The challenge & solution

As a Swiss-based consulting firm of DevOps, 56k.cloud was the ideal partner for the Canton of Zug for their recent online government mapping projects, which included the modernization of their longstanding map service ZugMap.ch, the release of the new map service ÖREB-Kataster and the provision of all available public map and data services in general. In doing so, the Canton of Zug was looking for a cloud solution that would not increase operating costs and keep the technology stack simple yet flexible. After a joint in-depth analysis of the cloud providers, it became clear that the Exoscale features and pricing were best suited to the project's objectives. In particular, the fact that the service was offered and hosted in Switzerland had a significant impact on the final decision.

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