Collaborative platforms enable more agile forms of collaboration





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For a strategic design agency such as moodley with several locations and more than 100 employees, networking between the sites and the teams is essential to enable collaborative working.

Why moodley chose Exoscale


High quality cloud provider

The market for video conferencing solutions is large and will continue to grow. An essential criterion for a design agency is a good transmission quality in all calls. Eyeson meets this requirement even in times of high workloads, enabling to communicate smoothly between locations, teams and partners.


Compliant cloud

In addition, the eyeson video conferencing solution guarantees compliance with compliance policies that apply to some customers, as the solution is developed in a country that follows the GDPR rules.


European cloud

In addition, the solution runs on a European platform such as Exoscale, which excludes data from being stored deliberately or unconsciously outside the European Union.

Moodley brand identity philipp kanape

"Cloud based collaboration and video conferencing gives organisations like ours the opportunity to move into more agile forms of collaboration and to look at projects from different perspectives."

Philipp Kanape Design Director of moodley design group

Videoconferencing and video streaming will make brands more tangible

Working with video conferencing solutions and collaborative platforms allows moodley to combine productivity and spontaneity in the development process and build more flexible teams to solve a challenge for our customers. Teams are no longer tied to locations, but can be assembled fluidly depending on their expertise. Without tools such as video conferencing solutions, this flexibility and the necessary dynamics would not be possible.

Through this form of collaboration, organisations like moodley have the opportunity to move into more agile forms of collaboration and to look at projects from different perspectives.

The current crisis as a catalyst for “New Ways of Working”

Decentralized working, accelerated by Covid 19, has already become highly relevant and will become established more quickly or more slowly as a fixed component in service societies, depending on how long this crisis will last. The influences that this form of new cooperation will have on people alongside the social structures cannot yet be estimated. However, it is already becoming apparent that there is a completely new way to organize work and everyday life.

Designers have a different perception of the possibilities that arise from a decentralized organisation. Brands need to reinvent themselves, as consumers completely reorganize their everyday lives. The culture of a company is becoming an even more important part. All digital layers and services offered to users, whether in the organisation or outside the organisation, need to work even better together. We would call it the Seamless Experience.

In the future, videoconferencing and events that are accessible via video stream to a wide range of users will be a key part of making a brand or organisation tangible, perceptible and understandable. The tendencies towards this are not new either. What is new is the radicalism with which this transformation is taking place and how quickly companies have to learn.

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