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Embedded data: Exoscale convinces with service and support





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Embedded data not only uses the cloud platform from A1 Digital as a reseller, but also for its own services.

Why embedded data chose Exoscale



Speed with which servers are available when needed.



High scalability of the servers and the ability to use servers even for a short period of time.



Minute-by-minute billing for services used.

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"The individual server systems can easily be assigned to the various customers. At the end of the month I can exactly see which customer has caused which costs for our own customer bills. But even when it comes to technical issues the support of A1 Digital is outstanding. The reaction times are excellent. Within a short time you get an answer to your problem. Overall, with the Exoscale platform, A1 Digital is just the right partner for us to further expand our digitalization platform da³vid. "

Jakob Bysewski CEO at embedded data GmbH

The Customer

Embedded data GmbH, based in Saarlouis, is a software company that partners with its customers on their way towards Industry 4.0 and builds the Internet of Things (IoT). With the da³vid software framework developed by embedded data, companies have the opportunity to capture, evaluate and visualize machine and process data in real time and also to control machines. The goal is to increase transparency, reduce downtimes by means of predictive maintenance and thus increase efficiency.

The Challenge

As a competent partner, the young company offers da³vid both on-premise and software-as-a-service solution for smooth digitization, which runs in a private cloud provided to the customer. Following the termination of the Safe Harbor Agreement in 2015, Jacob Bysewski, the founder of embedded data, started the Internet platform powered by the cloud and IoT service provider A1 Digital in his search for a new cloud provider, that meets the highest standards of data security on Exoscale.

The Solution

Exoscale is a cloud hosting platform with a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure that enables businesses to deliver their cloud-based services. Exoscale is a simple and convenient way to leverage server capacity. The offer is delivered in pre-configured sizes, which can be configured by customers on the Exoscale platform according to their own requirements.

In a first step, embedded data has completely set up its own IT infrastructure at Exoscale, such as a server for video telephony, a SW source code version control system and also the data backup. The positive experiences that embedded data has made with Exoscale finally led to becoming a value added reseller for end of 2017. Since new servers are set up within minutes embedded data uses Exoscale not only as a test environment for custom-developed web applications, but also as a software-as-a-service platform that hosts customer systems such as embedded data developed platform da³vid.

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