A1 Digital's Weighing Technology: Revolutionising the Weight Measurement of Freight Wagons in Rail Transport




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The correct measurement of the load on freight wagons has always been a very challenging task. After all, it is important to minimize the time required for accurate weighing while keeping an eye on optimum utilization of the wagons and compliance with maximum weight limits. A1 Digital's weighing technology with hardware partner CARGOMON provides an innovative solution with unrivalled accuracy. This system enables precise weight determination in real time directly on the wagon, as opposed to conventional methods that rely on time-consuming journeys to weighing stations. The functionality, benefits and applications of the A1 Digital 'Rail Insight' weighing technology are detailed below.

Functionality: Strain gauge for accurate weight measurement

At the heart of the solution are strain gauges mounted on the bogies. These sensors stretch in proportion to the weight applied to the wagon. By recording this strain, the total weight of the load can be determined with a high degree of accuracy.

The strain gauges have the following characteristics:

  • Temperature compensated: The sensors are temperature compensated to ensure high measurement accuracy over a wide temperature range. This ensures the accuracy of the weight measurement even with the temperature fluctuations that wagons experience in railway operations.
  • Calibration method: A simple two-point calibration (full/empty) allows the sensors to be fine-tuned for even greater accuracy. Calibration optimizes the measurement accuracy compared to the factory setting.
  • Communication: The sensors communicate wirelessly with the vehicle's telematics unit, which is responsible for data transmission and sensor control. A mobile app allows wireless configuration and fine tuning of the sensors.

Flexible configurations for different accuracy needs

A1 Digital's weighing technology offers flexible configuration options to meet specific customer requirements. The accuracy of weight measurement improves as the number of sensors installed increases:

  • 1 sensor per trolley: This configuration allows easy detection of load status (loaded/unloaded). In combination with the standard tracker, valuable information such as the location of loaded and unloaded wagons, the general load factor (important for optimized maintenance) and the kilometers travelled loaded or unloaded can be determined.
  • 2 sensors per wagon: In addition to the advantages of the single-sensor configuration, this variant enables the detection of even loading in relation to the front and rear axles, as well as the detection of overloading. The measurement accuracy is significantly higher with this configuration.
  • 4 sensors per wagon (2 per bogie): The installation of 4 sensors offers the highest measurement accuracy of less than 2% deviation in more than 95% of measurements with calibration (see above). In addition, the load distribution is displayed, minimizing the risk of derailment due to asymmetric loading. Most A1 Digital customers choose this configuration, which we recommend for maximum accuracy and safety.
Weighing technology freight wagons in rail transport

Benefits of the A1 Digital solution

A1 Digital + CARGOMON weighing technology offers numerous advantages over conventional processes:

  • Increased efficiency: Eliminating time-consuming trips to infrastructure weighing stations - significantly increases operational efficiency.
  • Cost savings: The reduction in journeys and the increase in efficiency lead to significant cost savings. One example is the Rhaetian Railway (RhB), which previously had to travel 60 kilometers to the nearest weighing station to weigh each wagon individually. With the weighing technology we offer, these journeys are no longer necessary, resulting in significant savings in time and fuel costs.
  • Improved utilization: Real-time weight data enables optimized loading and maintenance planning. Accurate knowledge of current weight means that costly overloading can be avoided. In addition, continuous weight monitoring means that maintenance can be better planned and carried out more efficiently.
  • Reduced risk of derailment: Balanced load distribution on the axles minimizes the risk of derailment.
  • Data-based insights: The system provides valuable data on wagon usage, load distribution and kilometers travelled, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize operations, improve wagon utilization and reduce operating costs.

Areas of application and target customers

The weighing technology from A1 Digital + CARGOMON is suitable for a variety of wagon types used to transport bulk goods, logs or scrap.

For example, several companies have already opted for A1 Digital's Rail Insight solution:

  • Rail Cargo Austria: Rail Cargo Austria plans to equip 4,000 freight wagons with weighing technology over the next 2-3 years. This underlines the high potential and broad acceptance of the technology in the market.
  • Rail & Sea: Rail & Sea will equip 20 wagons in advance. This shows that smaller railway operators are also interested in this innovative technology.
  • Rhaetian Railway: The Rhaetian Railway is currently in a proof of concept (PoC) phase with 30 wagons and plans to equip around 100 units. The successful completion of this phase will certainly motivate other railway operators to use the technology.


A1 Digital + CARGOMON’s weighing technology is an innovative and forward-looking solution for measuring the weight of freight wagons. Its high accuracy, cost efficiency and ease of use make it a valuable tool for rail operators looking to optimize their operations and reduce costs. By providing real-time weight data and data-based insights, the technology enables improved utilization, more efficient maintenance planning and reduced risk of derailment. With its flexibility and adaptability to different accuracy requirements, A1 Digital's weighing technology is ideally equipped to meet the challenges of modern, climate-friendly rail transport.