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Ways to an effective Security Operations Center

Best practices for building, operating, and collaborating on monitoring, detection, and defenses

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This whitepaper provides information in the following areas:

  • Seamless monitoring from the Security Operations Center
  • Companies want centralized security models
  • Best Practice: Designing, building and operating a SOC
  • The path to your individual SOC-as-a-Service

About the Whitepaper

Cybercrime has become a profitable business model. Every company can be attacked - at any time. A Security Operation Center (SOC) is one way to seamlessly monitor your IT environments.

This paper by Thomas Dorfmeister explains what needs to be considered when setting up and operating a SOC, what requirements companies currently have, and what questions need to be clarified in advance, as well as best practices in the interaction between internal IT/OT security and external MSSPs when detecting and responding to security incidents and attacks.

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Thomas Dorfmeister

Productmanager, SOC, A1 Digital