Is there a secure, cost-effective & powerful cloud from Germany?

Find out how the European Cloud Exoscale supports your company without endangering your sensitive data. Thanks to open source technology, you can use Exoscale flexibly without vendor lock-in. Exoscale is the ideal GDPR compliant solution for DevOps and companies whose top priority is data protection.

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Highest security for your customers

Exoscale's data centres are 100% located in Europe. More precisely, in Frankfurt, Geneva, Zurich and Vienna. Since Exoscale's headquarter is also in Europe, it is not subject to the Patriot Act and is fully GDPR compliant. Moreover, access to Exoscale is secured by 2-factor authentication.

ISO Certifications & Uptime Institutes

The data center zones used for Exoscale are all designed for high availability and have N+1 redundancy for all core components such as power supply, cooling and fire detection and suppression. They meet or exceed the Level-3 requirements of the Uptime Institute.

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White Paper: Cloud Act vs. GDPR

In this white paper, Dennis G. Jansen, an expert in international IT and data protection law, explains the contradictory regulations and fundamentally different motivations of the US-CLOUD Act and the EU-GDPR and thus helps decision-makers to identify cloud providers that enable a smooth and compliant partnership.


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Success Stories

Success Story

After the termination of the Safe Harbor Agreement in 2015, Jakob Bysewski, founder of embedded data, came across the cloud platform Exoscale, operated by the cloud and IoT service provider A1 Digital, in his search for a new cloud provider that meets the highest standards of data security. With the software framework da³vid, developed by embedded data, companies can collect, evaluate and visualize machine and process data in real time as well as control machines. da³vid is offered both on-premises and as a software-as-a-service solution for smooth digitalization.

Success Story

The European nuclear research organization CERN in Geneva is using the cloud for its Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets (CLOUD) project. With Exoscale, A1 Digital contributes 10,000 CPU cores and storage space for a petabyte of raw scientific data. Exoscale is also part of the Helix Nebula Science Cloud (HNSciCloud) initiative, which organizes the provision of hybrid cloud services to European research institutions. The effort led to the creation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) in April 2018 with 1.7 million scientists and more than 70 million science and technology employees in Europe.

Success Story

VSHN AG is the leading Swiss partner for DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift and 24/7 Cloud Operations. VSHN operates its web applications with a focus on security, availability and automation of development processes on different clouds in Switzerland and worldwide. Since 2015, VSHN, as a partner of A1 Digital, has been using Exoscale for customers for whom they operate managed servers or APPUiO instances on the APPUiO container platform and who rely on the data storage location Switzerland for regulatory reasons.

The individual server systems can be easily assigned to the different customers so that at the end of the month I can see exactly which customer caused which costs. With the Exoscale platform, A1 Digital is precisely the right partner for us to further expand our da³vid digitalization platform.

Jakob Bysewski, Managing Director of embedded data GmbH


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Cloud Expert A1 Digital