Go on the offensive and automate with us the defence of your IT infrastructure!

Increasingly, IT infrastructures are becoming the target of hackers. If you don't keep your IT up-to-date, you risk losses and high damages.

Your challenges, our solutions

Protect intellectual property

Do not give up your most important capital!

Software, ideas & patents, big data: The intellectual property of your company is your most important asset, which you absolutely have to protect!

Customer data needs special protection

Your customer data is also part of the capital. Laws and your customers themselves require that this data is particularly protected against theft and misuse.

Security for companies, employees and customers

Protected IT gives modern companies security

Modern companies and their employees are mobile and connected. But only if the IT infrastructure is optimally protected, you can use your intellectual knowledge profitably.

Pass this security on to your customers

IT security is one of the most important indicators of digital transformation. Only when your customers feel secure, they will accept your digital services.

Data protection needs automation

Manual defense overwhelms IT staff

The number of possible attacks per day is overwhelming for every IT employee who has to manually search for vulnerabilities and intruders.

IT's main task is not IT security

IT can make a valuable contribution to corporate success. But for that, it needs the full attention of IT strategists and developers.

Higher and more consistent safety through machines

Machines beat people in data protection

Huge amounts of data and a multitude of entry-level options in company IT require automated protection mechanisms.

Ongoing protection without signs of fatigue

Continuous monitoring of the interfaces and ports to the outside is necessary to detect attempted attacks before they can cause damage.

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Analysis of system vulnerabilities to protect against cyber/hacker attacks

Effective damage prevention with security monitoring

Don't be put on the defensive by criminal hackers.

Attackers are often one step ahead of you: They find vulnerabilities in your IT and exploit them mercilessly. With an offensive security monitoring, you can dramatically reduce the risk – fully automatically. With our scans, we examine your entire externally accessible infrastructure. Our experts then evaluate the findings and give you concrete recommendations for action to improve your IT security in a sustainable manner.

Offensity Security Monitoring at a glance

Automatic regular tests

Similar to a DevOps approach, we automate security checks with SecOps. We carry out these checks regularly for our customers.

Concrete recommendations for action

We will inform you about our findings in easy-to-understand reports and give you concrete recommendations for action.

"At karriere.at, we always face the challenge of protecting our data and services in the best possible way. Offensity continuously informs about new threats: We are made aware of relevant security issues and receive concrete recommendations for action. The reports give us a good overview of the threat situation. For us, Offensity is a reliable partner for quickly countering new threats."

Michael Feichtinger, CTO karriere.at

"Take care of your business and leave the protection of your IT infrastructure to real professionals. We identify attacks and explain how you can best protect yourself from them."

Philipp Mirtl

The most important questions and answers about Offensity Security Monitoring

Development teams often do not have their own security experts and can only afford external consultants on an irregular basis. We help you identify security issues early while focusing on the development of your web application.

The Offensity Security Monitoring solution regularly reviews your IT infrastructure, and we point out gaps and exploits before hackers can find and exploit them.

You provide us with your domain, such as example.com. We automatically find the systems belonging to this domain, such as name servers, mail servers and subdomains such as admin.example.com.


After your release, we'll start with automated vulnerability scans. We also warn against, identify, and evaluate potential risks. We also warn against expiring security certificates and detect new vulnerabilities in real time.

In addition, we check whether IP addresses or domains of your customers appear on block lists, which allows problems in availability to be detected at an early stage.

A dedicated monitoring system detects whether email addresses or passwords are shared on relevant websites. These are mostly the result of attacks on other websites where the customer or its employees are registered.

Manual penetration tests are essential for high security requirements. Nevertheless, these are only snapshots and are also very expensive. With its ongoing monitoring of emerging vulnerabilities and easy-to-understand recommendations, Offensity provides the optimal complement for small and medium-sized enterprises.

‘On average, more than 40 security vulnerabilities are reported every day. Offensity Security Monitoring is your continuous control system that alerts when a new vulnerability occurs.

In case of high security requirements, we still recommend that you supplement Offensity with annual manual security checks.

Vulnerability scanners work "system-centred". The operator defines the target (usually IP addresses), starts the scan manually or defines a schedule for regular scans. Planning and execution of the scans as well as the interpretation of the results are complex and require a broad know-how.

Our security monitoring solution focuses not on systems, but on companies. It is regularly checked whether domain names or their IP addresses change, or whether there are customisations to email and name servers. Accordingly, we customise our scanning configurations.

We perform incremental scans at short intervals so that new entry vectors are detected within a short period of time.

We facilitate the management of vulnerabilities: Vulnerabilities that occur are regularly checked. They can be permanently closed as an accepted risk or false positive.

Vulnerability scanners usually also have a narrowly defined application area. For example, there are scanners for networks or for web applications. This makes it necessary for companies that take over their vulnerability management themselves to buy multiple very expensive products.

Offensity Security Monitoring combines different types of scanners on a unified security platform at the same favourable conditions. Our scans are supplemented by the monitoring of data leaks and block lists.

The resolution of vulnerabilities is not included in our service. However, we give you concrete recommendations on which vulnerabilities are serious and how you can fix them. In this way, they can be fixed as quickly as possible by yourself or one of your external IT service providers.

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Our cloud and information security meets international standards

We take your security seriously and have had personal data protection certified in accordance with ISO 27018 and our organisation in accordance with ISO 27001.