Simply leave your IT security to our professional hackers

Around 6.3 million records worldwide are lost or stolen – every single day! An effective countermeasure are so-called penetration tests, in which professional hackers specifically detect vulnerabilities. With social engineering campaigns and trainings, you also increase the security awareness of your employees.

Your challenges, our solutions

Data loss can be expensive

Data loss can be expensive

The loss of just a single record is $ 148, according to a study by the Ponemon Institute.

Customer data must be protected

The EU General Data Protection Regulation and other legal regulations categorically require the protection of customer data - with sensitive penalties.

Data is your valuable asset

Effective protection is possible

The best experts in protecting your IT are - hackers! They know how IT systems can be cracked and offer you their know-how to avoid exactly that.

Stay mobile and reachable

Your company remains accessible on all channels and you remain mobile. Effective IT protection does not limit mobility and flexibility.

IT complexity and requirements are growing

IT infrastructures is rapidly increasing

Modern companies are fully connected. This makes them vulnerable for attacks. Your company is challenged!

You can't be anywhere!

At the same time, you have to make sure that IT makes a significant contribution to corporate success. Problem being, you can't take care of everything at the same time!

Data protection is for professionals

Let our hackers take over ...

With professional hackers, you don't bring criminals into the house, but real professionals who know and detect typical vulnerabilities on websites and IP addresses with ease.

... they know how to do it

The greater the online presence of a company, the greater the risk of an attack. Our professionals will give you recommendations on how to avoid and avert damage.

We are your partner for digitalisation solutions

With the best network and a secure infrastructure, we are your reliable partner in digitalisation.

About us

From infrastructure to implementation. We offer tailor-made products & solutions for every stage of digitisation.


With experience, knowledge and the right partners, we accompany our customers on their journey into digitalisation.

Case studies

Hackers know how to crack IT systems. Our experts detect your IT weaknesses

The internet has brought us round-the-clock shopping, mobile work and connected production systems in the Internet of Things. But comprehensive networking also makes us vulnerable; any connection to the internet is a potential gateway for data thieves and hackers. However, many weaknesses are known, and new ones are constantly being identified. However, in order to find them in your company, you need professional help: Our experts know how to hack an IT infrastructure. But they do not do this to cause harm, on the contrary: They prevent damage before it occurs. 

Penetration tests by professionals

Hackers are on the move

Like real hackers, A1 Digital's privacy experts are trying to break into your IT systems.

White Box, Black Box, Grey Box

In doing so, they approach it with different levels of prior knowledge: completely without, with a little, with a lot. This is how they cover all scenarios.

"IT security is for professionals. Our security experts know how to intrude into IT systems. But we don't use our knowledge for data theft, we make it available to companies so that they can better protect their systems."

A1 Digital team of experts

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Then just contact our experts and let us advise you individually about our solutions and your opportunities for digitization. We are looking forward to receive your message! A1 Digital will use all information provided herein solely in accordance with the privacy policy.

A1 Digital

Our cloud and information security meets international standards

We take your security seriously and have had personal data protection certified in accordance with ISO 27018 and our organisation in accordance with ISO 27001.