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Web Conference

IT Security in Hospitals

20 June 2024

Join Us at the Web Conference: IT Security in Hospital

Join industry leaders and experts at our upcoming web conference, "IT Security in Hospitals," an event dedicated to showcasing up to twelve innovative solutions and services specifically tailored to enhance cybersecurity in hospital settings. The event will begin with expert keynotes in both the morning and afternoon sessions, providing insights into key challenges and solutions in hospital IT security.

Our featured talk, scheduled from 15:00 to 15:30, focuses on "Risk Management & Vulnerability Detection in IoMT Systems." Speakers Holger Hartwig and Arne Trittelvitz from A1 Digital and Asimily, respectively, will discuss the security and risk management of connected medical devices. They will showcase Asimily's advanced, agentless platform that integrates seamlessly into any network, enabling comprehensive inventories of medical devices and assessments of vulnerabilities, risks, usage patterns, anomalies, and more through network traffic analysis.

Attendees will experience a live demo demonstrating how integrated AI evaluates vulnerabilities and provides actionable recommendations. The session will also cover how to utilize this information effectively across various interfaces with your Security Operations Center (SOC), risk management, and other security systems.

Learn why medical devices are an essential part of hospital IT security and discover a system that offers comprehensive transparency and control in the security management of these devices, helping to effortlessly mitigate vulnerabilities and risks.


  • Holger Hartwig, a professional enabler and visionary, focuses on the sales of complex IT services with a specialty in cybersecurity services and systems.
  • Arne Trittelvitz, with extensive experience in IT infrastructure and security sales, translates client requirements into practical security solutions for IoT systems.

You can register for the event here.