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03 to 04 July 2024

European virtual tech conference powered by

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03 to 04 Juli 2024

2 days


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Provide-tech offers a unique opportunity to discover the latest digital technologies and connect on a Europe-wide online platform. The event combines a conference program with interactive masterclasses, keynotes, impulse talks, and exhibitor profiles, providing diverse networking opportunities to initiate collaborations and exchange experiences and ideas.

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Man kann nur schützen was man kennt:
Risikomanagement und Schwachstellenerkennung für IoT Systeme aus der europäischen Cloud

Date and Time: July 3, 2024, 12 PM - 12:30 PM CEST

Content: IoT systems are found in all organizations as cameras, door controls, robots, infusion pumps, and much more across various industries and sectors. Typically inconspicuous, they perform their tasks while being connected to a network.

Because these systems are often not assigned to IT, the risk of a cyber attack on and through IoT systems is not recognized or is neglected. For secure networks, a comprehensive inventory of all IoT systems and their vulnerabilities is essential.

Asimily and A1 Digital present a cloud-based solution that sheds light on these issues, highlighting vulnerabilities and risks.

Arne Trittelvitz

Speaker: Arne Trittelvitz (Asimily)

Arne Trittelvitz translates customer requirements into solution possibilities. With over 15 years of experience in IT infrastructure and IT security sales, Mr. Trittelvitz has been dedicated to securing all types of IoT and cyber-physical systems for over three years.

Wolfgang Brücker

Speaker: Wolfgang Brücker (A1 Digtital)