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Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Save time and money by digitizing your fleet management

Costs for personnel, vehicles and operating resources are rising, placing multiple burdens on companies with large fleets.

Are you looking for solutions to operate your fleet economically anyway?

The manual management of your fleet consumes a lot of time every day: Often for time-consuming phone calls and unnecessary routes in the context of vehicle disposition. The solution to this is very simple: With A1 Digital Fleet Management, you network all vehicles and are always informed about their locations and movements.

In addition, the telematics platform for fleet management saves you a lot of bureaucracy, for example through the electronic driver logbook and driver recognition. It also allows you to analyze detailed data on vehicle and machine usage to optimize fleet utilization. Keep customers and employees happy while reducing costs.

Your benefits

Locate vehicles and machines 24/7

Simple capture of work data and operating data

Increased process efficiency

Minimize downtime and idle time

Zone monitoring and alarms

Detailed administration of vehicles and machines

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"Uncomplicated installation and tailor-made solution for our needs. A1 Digital's fleet management and asset tracking solution allows us to optimize machine utilization while reducing costs."

Mag. Ing. Thomas Bodner Managing Director of Bodner Bau GmbH & Co. KG
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Who is fleet management for? Some examples:

Logistics and transport, construction industry, waste and disposal management, field service, mobile services and all other companies with a large vehicle pool.

How it works

Fleet Management is a complete turnkey solution. It contains all the necessary building blocks for tracking and monitoring your fleet of vehicles and valuable assets. The solution works as a retrofit solution for all vehicle types and manufacturers. Alternatively, OEM telematics data from major construction equipment manufacturers can be integrated into the platform.

1. Connect fleet

Connect your vehicles and valuable assets with telematics trackers and sensors to capture locations and other operational data.

Connect Your Fleet

2. Collect data

All data is transmitted via cellular networks to a secure cloud platform and stored there. The data belongs only to you and we don't read it. You can use it as you wish.

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3. Data visualization

In the "Commander" web application, you can view and evaluate both live positions and historical data, as well as manage your vehicle fleet using practical modules and functions. As a supplement, practical mobile apps are available to you. Alternatively, you can transfer live data and/or historical data to your ERP system via standard interfaces.

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One solution, many use-cases

Keep electronic logbook

Record logbook details automatically; specific data can be added using mobile app or web access.

Identify driver

Your drivers log in and out of the vehicle via RFID chip/card or app. You always know who is on the road, where and for how long.

Read tachograph remotely

Document driving and rest times. Be automatically informed in case of violations.

Determine locations and movements

Locate any vehicle anywhere in the world and trace all driving routes without gaps.

Data analysis and reporting

Monitor vehicle operations, from mileage to machine usage times and maintenance cycles.

Create zones and alarms

Have yourself and your drivers notified when events occur so you can take immediate action.

Some customers already trusting our IoT solutions

Your Benefits

Easy to integrate: Our telematics devices are suitable for any vehicle and do not interfere with the vehicle electronics.
Turnkey solution: You get hardware, connectivity and the cloud-based telematics platform from a single source.
Customer support: Our support team is there for you and supports you competently.
Hosting in Europe: Your data is stored securely and GDPR-compliant in a certified data center
Your data belongs to you: We do not read or share your data. You retain data sovereignty.
Open and extensible: Using the AEMP interface, streaming gateway and APIs, data can be merged and forwarded to third-party systems (e.g. ERP).