Enhancing Enterprise IT Visibility with A1 Digital Network as a Service

Effective classification and segmentation are crucial for securing IT assets.

In today's digitally driven world, networks form a critical backbone of business operations. Whether it's campus LAN, IoT, Wi-Fi networks or SaaS platforms, network demands have escalated significantly over recent years. Consequently, companies are finding it increasingly vital to manage and monitor their networks efficiently. This is where cutting-edge technologies like Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) and Edge Network Innovation (ENI) come into the picture, facilitating real-time network monitoring and optimisation.

A software-assisted inventory is a key component of modern IT infrastructure and forms part of the implementation of the Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solution offered by A1 Digital. Conducting a thorough inventory of the existing IT infrastructure is a crucial first step to ensure the successful deployment of these technologies. Automated inventory via specialised software provides organisations with a fast and effective method to gather and manage accurate inventory data, leading to a more robust and secure IT infrastructure.


The software-supported inventory of IT equipment is not new. What is new, however, is that with the help of the A1 Digital NaaS Feature Edge Network Intelligence, IT equipment can be categorized according to the observed network traffic behavior in addition to the "fingerprint" (the electronic device identifier). For example, an iPad that is used exclusively for medical appointments is categorized as an appointment booking iPad.

Protecting Infrastructure Investments with A1 Digital's Integrated Network Solutions

A1 Digital combines the provision and management of networks with the protection and segmentation of network nodes, enhancing analysis via AI-enabled crawlers (analysis sensors) on SD-WAN edges. Integration of systems such as Teams SaaS Services, Syslog Services, and the Wi-Fi controller at the client's location can considerably reduce the quantity of required analysis sensors, leading to savings and protecting infrastructure investments.

Holistic Monitoring and Rapid Problem Detection for Efficient Network Management

Edge Network Intelligence facilitates holistic monitoring of network infrastructure. The technology continuously collects data from various sources including switches, access points, IoT devices, and other network components. This data is subsequently analysed to identify issues before they lead to a service interruption.

Another advantage is that the technology can automatically send notifications to IT personnel to enable a quick response to emerging problems and minimise downtime. Additionally, insights into how an application's performance impacts user experience can enhance the quality of the end user help desk by reducing troubleshooting time through definable workflows.

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Whitepaper: Providing the best possible protection for decentralized networks

This whitepaper is about how enterprises are using SD-WAN, microsegmentation, zero trust and AI to create the highest level of security for their IT and OT infrastructures, processes, and applications – freeing themselves from technical and monetary constraints by using NaaS (Network as a Service).

Customisable Dashboards: Effective Monitoring of Device Connections, Performance, and Security-Relevant KPIs

Maintaining an overview of business-critical systems across diverse business domains is essential. Monitoring dashboards for device connections can be customized to address specific business needs.

Ensuring that incident response is more than just rhetoric is crucial. Comprehensive monitoring of network traffic lays the foundation for detecting anomalies within the internal network. Besides integrated vulnerability search and threat feeds (databases that collect and provide information about various IT threats and attacks), artificial intelligence for IT operations propels threat detection to the next level.

Proactive alerting can automatically intervene in business and security policies, helping prevent incidents. A1 Digital is a firm believer in the concept of a self-healing network.

Insights and information are needed to conduct benchmarking measurements and evaluate the quality of your own IT infrastructure. By comparing performance and security-related KPIs with industry-specific service benchmarks, companies can establish a new standard for internal service quality.


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How enterprises are using SD-WAN, microsegmentation, zero trust and AI to create the highest level of security for their IT and OT infrastructures, processes, and applications – freeing themselves from technical and monetary constraints by using NaaS (Network as a Service).

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