Exoscale and Nordcloud Announce Europe-Wide Cloud Services Partnership

Vienna/Munich/Helsinki, 9. September 2023 - Exoscale, a subsidiary of A1 Digital, and international cloud service provider Nordcloud respond to the growing demand for comprehensive cloud services in Europe with a new partnership. Together, the companies are addressing the growing need of many customers to remain in control of their own data, as the protection of sensitive data is increasingly in focus.

Exoscale, a leading provider of scalable and secure cloud infrastructure services, and Nordcloud, a European leader in cloud advisory and managed services, announce a strategic partnership aimed at delivering an extensive range of services and solutions to businesses across Europe.

This collaboration combines Exoscale's cutting-edge infrastructure offerings with Nordcloud's comprehensive cloud services, empowering organisations at every stage of their cloud journey. Together, they empower businesses across industries to embrace the full potential of the cloud, enabling scalability, agility, and enhanced security.

"By integrating our cloud services with Nordcloud's portfolio, we offer our customers new and innovative solutions in the area of cloud integration," explains Mathias Nöbauer, CEO Exoscale and Director Cloud at A1 Digital. "Customers have the choice of where and how their data is stored and processed, and at the same time can be sure that not only existing regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation, but also new regulations such as NIS-2 are implemented in every form. Furthermore, by integrating the extra secure image into the Exoscale Marketplace, we ensure that security and high standards are easily available to our customers."

Ilja Summala, CTO Nordcloud Group, adds, "This partnership will provide those customers interested in European sovereign cloud solutions with access to battle-proven automated security solutions. Exoscale customers can now utilise the cloud marketplace to launch security hardened operating systems without any management overhead. And we can offer high-quality cloud solutions for customers of all sizes and industries, with new ways to optimise their business processes, increase their agility and thus boost their competitiveness."

Expertise, Support, and Services
With this partnership, businesses gain access to Exoscale's robust and secure cloud infrastructure services, including virtual machines, storage, and networking, along with Nordcloud's cloud advisory, migration, and managed services. This powerful combination ensures that customers receive expertise, support, and services throughout their cloud migration and management processes.

Discovery and Assessment
As part of the partnership, organisations can benefit from comprehensive evaluations of their existing IT infrastructure and business requirements. This in-depth analysis assists them in making informed decisions about migrating to the cloud, with Exoscale's Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IaaC) platform serving as a crucial tool for successful and efficient transitions. The partnership empowers businesses to develop well-defined roadmaps and leverage Exoscale's infrastructure resources for optimal cloud adoption.

Cloud Migration Strategy and Planning
Nordcloud and Exoscale collaborate to assist businesses in migrating their workloads and applications to with the Exoscale cloud platform. By providing consulting services and sharing best practices, the partnership ensures that organisations are well-positioned to leverage the full automation, scalability, and agility offered by the cloud. Together, they guide businesses through the cloud migration journey, enabling seamless transitions and unlocking the potential of Exoscale's infrastructure.

Cloud Foundation and Managed Services
Building on Nordcloud's expertise in cloud foundation and managed services, the partnership extends its capabilities to include managing and optimising the Exoscale environment for businesses. Proactive monitoring, performance optimisation, security management, and cost optimisation services are among the comprehensive offerings provided. This ensures that organisations can focus on their core business while benefiting from a secure and optimised cloud infrastructure.

Industry Solutions
The partnership brings together Nordcloud's industry expertise and Exoscale's infrastructure to offer tailored solutions for specific verticals, such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing and automotive. These solutions are particularly relevant in the DACH region, where regulated industries demand robust and secure cloud platforms. By leveraging the partnership's combined capabilities, businesses can overcome industry-specific challenges and unlock new opportunities for growth.

Image Management and Marketplace Deployment
One of the standout elements of this partnership is the integration of Nordcloud’s multi-cloud image hardening SaaS - now known as IBM Multicloud Machine Image Toolkit. It enables the creation of custom virtual machine images (golden images) that are tailored to specific requirements and configurations. These images can then be uploaded to the Exoscale Marketplace, providing users with access to pre-configured images that leverage Exoscale's cloud infrastructure.

About Exoscale

Exoscale is a leading European cloud service provider offering scalable and secure infrastructure services. With a strong focus on data sovereignty and privacy, Exoscale provides organisations with the tools they need to build and manage their digital infrastructure efficiently. To learn more, visit www.a1.digital.

About Nordcloud

Nordcloud is a European leader in cloud services, helping organisations embrace the power of the cloud through advisory, implementation, and managed services. With a proven track record in enabling digital transformation, Nordcloud enables businesses to achieve faster time to market, improved scalability, and enhanced cost efficiency. To learn more, visit https://nordcloud.com


Mathias Nöbauer CEO Exoscale und Director Cloud A1 Digital
Mathias Nöbauer CEO Exoscale und Director Cloud A1 Digital
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Ilja Summala CTO Nordcloud Group
Ilja Summala CTO Nordcloud Group
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