The Viennese startup Glasskube automates the operation of open source tools on Exoscale

Vienna/Munich, November 14, 2023 – A1 Digital, an expert in digitalization, and its subsidiary Exoscale, together with Glasskube, an innovative technology startup, from Vienna, are now making managed open source tools such as Gitlab, Nextcloud or Matomo available via the Exoscale Marketplace. This partnership strengthens Exoscale's position as a reliable cloud provider while opening up the opportunity for European SMEs to use a wide range of privacy-compliant and secure open source tools on EU cloud infrastructure. This expands Exoscale's portfolio and solidifies its position as a competitive option compared to other leading cloud providers.

From CRM and web analytics to developer and security tools, Glasskube's innovative infrastructure software now makes it possible to operate software for SMEs securely and in compliance with data protection regulations on EU infrastructure, thus putting an end to GDPR headaches. Both partners ensure that any data does not leave the exoscale cloud. Since all of Exoscale's data centers are located within Europe, customers don't have to worry about complying with European privacy and information security regulations on the infrastructure side.

But it is not only data protection and information security that are at the forefront of the joint offering. All the tools offered offer the following additional advantages:

  • Own resources: Each customer gets a complete tool for themselves with their own database. This is not the case with many other SaaS tools these days.
  • Backups: All data is additionally backed up geo-redundantly to prevent data loss.
  • Availability and performance: Glasskube offers binding uptimes for the tools and ensures that all tools run stably and smoothly. Scaling generously avoids the performance issues that sometimes occur with other SaaS tools.
  • Easy setup: Thanks to the collaboration between Exoscale and Glasskube, customers can use the open-source tools without having to worry about technical details during operation and setup (no configuration of servers, no updates, no monitoring necessary). This makes open source easier to use, even for smaller companies with limited IT resources.
  • For customers who run their applications on Exoscale: Tools such as Gitlab/Gitea can be operated close to their own software, under similar parameters.

Billing is transparent via the Exoscale Marketplace. This also minimizes the administrative effort for customers.

The open source tools are now available under .

By the way, the magic in the background is done by an intelligent Kubernetes operator - developed by Glasskube itself. This is an innovative and new approach to how open source tools can be operated. This is developed by Glasskube Open Source and is freely available to developers on Github.


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