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Best ways to manage logistic challenges with digital solutions

25 March 2021

There are enough challenges and changes in the field of logistics in the age of digitalization. If you research on the Internet, you come across buzzwords like: Logistics 4.0, digital route optimization, automation of rail freight traffic or more opportunities through Big Data. But how do you approach such digitization projects and what can be the actual benefits? A1 Digital is your strong partner for digitalization and uses best practice examples to show how IoT and smart solutions can have a drastic impact on your supply chain management and how machine learning helps to prepare data in such a way that greater planning certainty is created.


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Alexander Frigo

As a Digital Solution Consultant at A1 Digital, Alexander supports and advises companies on how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization. Specializing in the transport, logistics and construction sectors, he uses his industry expertise to tailor solutions specifically to each step of the value chain. With years of experience in B2B, product management and marketing/sales functions, Alexander knows which digitization opportunities need to be properly deployed where to deliver a benefit to the business.

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Vanessa Zeilinger

In her role as Solution Manager at A1 Digital, Vanessa is responsible for the further development and expansion of the Managed Connectivity and IoT portfolio. Through the broad spectrum of the IoT technology stack, she has specialized in the areas of device hardware as well as software, connectivity, cloud services and applications.