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Laying the proper foundations straight from the start

Digitization in Commerce and the Role of Infrastructure

What this whitepaper will get you

The new approach

»Application-centric infrastructure« is a fundamentally new approach in dealing with networks. Yet it is the only appropriate approach for meeting growing user demands in the increasingly complex IT world.

Full potential requirements

Digitization only unfolds its full potential when it is not limited to certain aspects, but connects data, applications, people and devices. Given the great importance of data exchange, a future-proof, flexible and powerful technology is essential. While physical networking remains the basis for this, it is not an end in itself.

Where to set the focus

The main objective of networking will be the use of applications. Therefore, the focus must be on the applications and their requirements. It is difficult to implement this at a later stage. This is why the application-centric view of the network should ideally be adopted right at the beginning of an organization's digitization efforts. This way, unnecessary additional costs and time-consuming adjustments can be avoided in the future.

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This whitepaper provides information in the following areas:

  • the current state of digitzation
  • priorities and obstacles
  • what does "digitization" mean for business?
  • the three-stage model of digitization
  • flexible and efficient networking is imperative

About the Whitepaper

There are virtually as many options for going digital as there are companies. After all, every organization has individual objectives and requirements. But regardless of the approach, it is important to build a solid foundation: A clear, long-term strategy is needed as opposed to frantic actionism and the fear of being left behind. The point of departure should always be the network’s modernization and an application-centric view.

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