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Osnabrück city relies on vulnerability management from A1 Digital




Security Assessments & Vulnerability Management

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Successful against cybercrime with Offensity: The city of Osnabrück relies on vulnerability management from A1 Digital.

How A1 Digital approached the project with Osnabrück


Scanning & Checking

With the help of security scanners and automated analysis, Offensity continuously checks the externally accessible IT infrastructure of the city of Osnabrück for currently known weaknesses.


Vulnerability reporting

Offensity's scans and analyzes provide information on vulnerabilities that an attacker can use to prepare and execute virtual intrusions.


Analysis of external available systems and deep web

Offensity not only automatically analyzes the externally accessible IT systems such as DNS, mail and web servers, domains or mailing lists via public and semi-public sources. Offensity also specifically checks the deep web for involuntarily published data sets from third-party platforms. Records found are selected and verified based on the customer domains in order to promptly inform customers about published records. If e-mail addresses and access data of users of these platforms fall into the wrong hands, they can become a serious security problem.


Expert recommendations

For this reason, the Offensity experts provide the information technology specialist service with specific information as to where there are potential security gaps and specific recommendations for action on how to close them.

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“The communication and cooperation with A1 Digital works excellently. Offensity is now an important building block within the security management of the city of Osnabrück and supports us in protecting our externally accessible IT infrastructure."

Fachdienst Informationstechnik der Stadt Osnabrück

The Customer and its Challenge:

With around 170,000 inhabitants, Osnabrück is a major economic and cultural center in western Lower Saxony. In addition to an extensive range of services, the municipal employees implement a large number of customer requirements and citizens' wishes on a daily basis. But without the use of modern information technology, such a service-oriented administration is simply no longer conceivable. Therefore, the information technology department of the city of Osnabrück ensures that the IT infrastructure meets the quality requirements of the administration with regard to the provision and operation of server performance and web applications.

The Solution:

Due to the increasing digitization of administration, the city council has chosen a comprehensive approach that takes into account all security aspects of municipal information technology and networking. The cloud-based security monitoring platform Offensity from A1 Digital Deutschland GmbH is also embedded in this approach and, from the point of view of the city of Osnabrück, best met the requirements for continuous security monitoring and vulnerability management.

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