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Digital Transformation and Process Optimization in Manufacturing (feat. BigML)

18 October 2022

About the webinar:

Digital operating models allow us to scale beyond traditional operating models. Traditional operating models work on the simple principle of - economies of scale - where the business grows and costs, production, and sales scale to a certain point. The classic Economies of Scale has its limit and to get beyond this limit of the classic inverted U-curve, we need to put data and AI at the core of the digital businssmodel. It allows companies to establish faster communication channels throughout the company, allowing them to scale beyond traditional operating models.

Language: English


  • What does Digital Transformation mean in a historical context? We can learn from the past and improve beyond what’s been possible.
  • The classic reverse U-Curve economies of scale curve reaches a global maximum while digital operating models are just starting to scale.
  • Remove data siloes within the company and improve communication channels with digital operating models.
  • Digital Transformation has an inclination point at which it will involve major cultural and procedural changes.
  • Culture and operating model have to be promoted in parallel for a digital transformation to be successful.

Event Facts

18. Oct 2022

15:00 - 15:45

Language: English

Manufacturing industry

Speaker & Moderator

Keyanoush Razavidinani Portrait BW

Speaker: Keyanoush Razavidinani

Digital Services Consultant, A1 Digital

Keyanoush does not only talk about digitalization and Machine Learning, but helps customers implement those into their business. As Digital Business Consultant at A1 Digital, Keyanoush identifies opportunities within companies' business processes and bridges the gap between analog and digital. Finding the right answers requires asking the right questions, especially when implementing machine learning to elevate and create new processes.

Guillem Vidal Portrait

Speaker: Guillem Vidal

Machine Learning Engineer

Guillem has over 15 years experience in data engineering and over 5 years in Machine Learning. In the present he leads Machine Learning projects within different industries internationally. Prior to BigML, as Data Director at Strands. Inc he built and integrated financial solutions into dozens of banks around the world actively participating to the creation of mature software products involving high data volumes.

Philipp König Portrait

Moderator: Philipp König

Product Marketing Manager IoT, A1 Digital

Philipp is a passionate technology marketeer. After studying economics, Philipp worked in marketing for various companies in the IT, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, chemical and film industries. Currently, he is driving the marketing of A1 Digital's IoT and advanced analytics solutions.