Flexis moves into the cloud with Exoscale

A1 Digital and VSHN offer with Flexis an infrastructure as a service platform for customer-oriented software solutions.

The customer:

Since 1997, flexis AG, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, has been a solution provider and contact for the automotive and supplier industry. On the basis of standardized software modules, flexis offers customer-oriented solutions that enable both a lean customer order process and continuous and integrated sales and production planning. To this end, flexis makes its software solutions available to its customers on their own computers.

The requirement:

In order to meet the increasing customer demand for a cloud-based solution, flexis was looking for a partner to provide a cloud infrastructure on which the software solutions for customers would be packed into containers and managed using Openshift (RedHat). The choice fell on VSHN AG, which has been supporting more than 200 different partners with more than 900 servers in the cloud since 2014. The flexis APPUiO container solution provided by VSHN, based on OpenShift, runs on the scalable Internet platform Exoscale operated by A1 Digital International GmbH.

The solution:

The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution, including the corresponding Managed Services, enables flexis to offer its customers not only fail-safe services from the cloud. flexis can also guarantee its customers that sensitive data is stored in the EU and does not end up in non-EU countries via back channels.

In addition to the latest cloud technologies, e.g. object storage, Exoscale also offers a highly redundant setup of the resources used, which can be distributed over several geographical locations if desired. An easy-to-use control panel allows full control over all resources used. The simple horizontal as well as vertical scalability of the dedicated (non-shared) servers and Exoscale's necessary technical framework for the operation of APPUiO allows the resources used to be quickly adapted to the changing needs of the customer. In general, the infrastructure solution enables the customer to build, manage and scale their own server landscapes with one click, fully automatically and without additional support from Exoscale or VSHN.