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Digitalization isn’t about technology, it’s about results.

Digitalization isn’t about technology, it’s about results.
We create both.

Come see why we are your European technology service provider for IoT, Cloud, Network and Cybersecurity.


"In all respects, A1 Digital has lived up to its reputation as a highly professional provider of sophisticated managed connectivity solutions. We are very satisfied with the solution from A1 Digital."

Clemens Först CEO of the Rail Cargo Group (RCG)

95% of our customers are tired of struggling with digitalization, and just want to see results.

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Our experienced cloud, network, security and IoT experts help companies across Europe realize the benefits of digitalization every single day. Let us show you why A1 Digital can do what others can’t.

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A1 Digital is particularly outstanding due to its above-average customer focus.

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What's new


5G is Here: Is My IoT Solution Future-Proof?

Join our IoT connectivity experts and learn how to pick the best cellular IoT technology for your use case.


Digital Transformation and Process Optimization in Manufacturing (feat. BigML)

Join experts from A1 Digital and BigML and discover the advantages of digital operating models.


Telecom Handel Communicate! 2022

Industry get-together for telecommunications retailers, partner store operators and specialists and managers in telecommunications sales in Munich.


ISCC - International Supply Chain Conference 2022

International networking event for all top executives in logistics and supply chain management.


CMM - Connected Mobile Machines & Mobility

CMM is all about solutions for wireless network technologies and mobility systems. Need a ticket? Let us invite you.


The network of tomorrow

The digital transformation is placing new and sometimes disruptive demands on companies' IT infrastructures, which have often grown over many decades. Until now, the focus has been on high stability, performance and reliability - always with a view to keeping costs as low as possible. Now, the focus is shifting to flexibility, speed and security. But the new requirements cannot be met satisfactorily with the old technologies. This is particularly obvious in the area of networks.


Challenges in logistics

There are enough challenges and changes in the field of logistics in the age of digitalization. If you research on the Internet, you come across buzzwords like: Logistics 4.0, digital route optimization, automation of rail freight traffic or more opportunities through Big Data. But how do you approach such digitization projects and what can be the actual benefits? A1 Digital is your strong partner for digitalization and uses best practice examples to show how IoT and smart solutions can have a drastic impact on your supply chain management and how machine learning helps to prepare data in such a way that greater planning certainty is created.


IoT - Everything in the Cloud?

This webinar will use examples to explain how IoT projects are usually structured and what challenges there are in transferring the data to the IoT cloud. There are different reasons why pre-processing the collected data at the end device - i.e., at the "edge device" - makes sense; these can be, for example, the connection, the amount or the nature of the data. Thanks to Edge ML, the complex processing of information can now take place efficiently at the end device.


How Red Bull deals with cyber threats

One measure to prevent hacker attacks is to find vulnerabilities earlier than the attackers. Red Bull relies on a whole range of activities: security assessments, red teaming, a bug bounty program and vulnerability scanning ensure that the majority of all vulnerabilities can be fixed early.


Five IoT building blocks

Experts from A1 Digital and Nordic Semiconductor will show five key components needed to develop connected products in a time- and cost-efficient way: Hardware, embedded software, mobile connectivity, IoT platform in the cloud and - last but not least - knowhow!