ParityQC uses Exoscale as a secure haven for sensitive data

ParityQC relies on the flexibility and scalability of A1 Digital's cloud computing platform to develop its quantum technology.

"Exoscale has proven to be the perfect solution. So far, everything has been smooth and uncomplicated. With Exoscale, we are independent of large companies in the US, but benefit from a high degree of flexibility and scalability. Another factor was the trust in Exoscale through the personal contact with Exoscale CEO Mathias Nöbauer."

Magdalena Hauser & Wolfgang Lechner, Co-Founder of ParityQC

ParityQC was founded in January 2020 by Magdalena Hauser and Wolfgang Lechner and provides the blueprint for quantum computers to solve optimisation problems. The aim of the platform- and method-independent ParityQC architecture developed by the Innsbruck spin-off company is to reduce the complexity of quantum computers and thus also make them more scalable. In addition, ParityQC has developed the quantum computer-focused ParityOS operating system as a software-as-a-service model in which hardware manufacturers or end users can solve optimisation problems on the quantum computer in the future. Twelve employees currently work for Parity QC, mainly quantum physicists who can programme.

Even before Covid-19, not all employees worked in a common office. Therefore, it was clear to the founders relatively quickly that they needed a server structure that allows remote work on the one hand, but on the other hand offers maximum security - as far as possible - due to the activity. The decisive factor in the choice of the server was whether the selected platform or the company behind it itself works in the quantum computing field or builds its own quantum computer. Because ParityQC runs highly sensitive data and its entire codebase on their server, the major providers of cloud computing platforms immediately dropped out. Small providers, on the other hand, were not able to react so flexibly to requirements. Because the cloud computing platform had to be able to scale the necessary server resources in the shortest possible time.  At this point, Matthias Farwick, CEO of Txture, provider of cloud transformation and optimisation technologies, brought Exoscale into play.

Exoscale from A1 Digital International GmbH is a data protection-oriented IaaS platform that provides on-demand resources for building and hosting applications. Exoscale's data centres are 100 percent located in Europe and are therefore fully GDPR compliant. In addition, access to Exoscale is secured by 2-factor authentication. On Exoscale, organisations can develop applications and programmes without worrying about the underlying infrastructure acquisition costs or maintenance. Exoscale provides instance sizes for every workload, from small clusters or even individual servers to powerful big data nodes.

In the end, everything spoke for Exoscale. That's why ParityQC uses A1 Digital's cloud hosting platform as the central storage space for all files and the entire codebase. Everything developed within the company is hosted on Exoscale. The software tools used - usually "self-hosted" - also run via Exoscale and not through the product's own servers.


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