Exoscale scores with flexibility and scalability

Based in Brno, Czech Republic, Whalebone, s.r.o. is a cybersecurity company that protects the networks of internet service providers and companies from malware, phishing attacks and access to infected websites. DNS resolution is a critical part of any infrastructure. Whalebone ensures that your customers' DNS resolution works at all times.

To do this, Whalebone processes hundreds of millions of DNS requests in real time every day. Filtering DNS requests not only allows you to detect malicious traffic, but also to avoid it in a simple and transparent way. To do this, Whalebone needs a fast and reliable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) that is able to support a modern cloud infrastructure based on microservices.

However, most IaaS vendors typically only deliver complex solutions that do not allow flexible adaptation to resource requirements. Whalebone found the right cloud hosting platform for its business model in Exoscale from cloud and IoT service provider A1 Digital International GmbH.  The flexible and scalable IT infrastructure enables customers to use server capacity as they wish, and only as long as they need it.

With the ability to use the Cloud Init feature and Docker drivers to get machines up and running within a minute and erase them when they are no longer needed, Exoscale Whalebone enables the processing of large amounts of data by scale out microservices and load balancers.  This allows Whalebone to adapt its Elasticsearch cluster and log processing pipeline to specific changes. Exoscale ensures that a group of machines with the same or similar task is not operated on the same hardware in the event of an interruption.

In addition to the flexible and scalable hardware resources, Whalebone also convinced with the data transfer package for each individual machine, which is sufficiently large for common servers and enables a cost prediction of the required bandwidth. Other advantages include the included perimeter firewall, which is fully configurable from the user interface, and the use of Exoscale's highly available S3 storage for backups and data snapshots that do not incur data transfer costs when working within Exoscale.

“We have already tried a number of IaaS offerings. But Exoscale is the best platform so far, because the handling is really simple and intuitive and convinces us of the maintenance- and trouble-free operation in all operating areas. At Exoscale, we can focus on our business and don't have to worry about anything else. The possibility of only purchasing as much power as we need at a time is another plus point from a cost point of view”.

Robert Sefr, Technical Director of Whalebone