Infinite Devices pairs progressive IoT technology with stable connectivity

Managed Connectivity and NB-IoT from A1 Digital also unlocks low-infrastructure regions for the Internet of Things

“With A1 Digital, we have found an international partner that guarantees us secure and stable connectivity in all areas of the world. The combination of flexibility and technical know-how at the highest level guarantees our IoT applications maximum resilience at an unbeatable price via NB-IoT. Unlike many other providers, technical support is available 24/7 with the ultimate in expertise.”

Bruno Kramm, Co-founder & CEO of Infinite Devices GmbH

With its new open-source platform for the "Internet of Things" (IoT), the Magdeburg-based start-up Infinite Devices organises the control and communication of a multitude of IoT devices at minimal cost.devices at minimal cost. In addition, Infinite Devices offers sensors for reliable input and output control in high-frequency buildings. The SmartCountr system is characterised by the integration of complex spatial geometries, sophisticated role and user management and the networking of different platforms for the visualisation and further processing of data.

The crucial point here is that the data must also flow between the IoT devices and can be used for further processing, especially in rural areas and regardless of whether a broadbandconnection is present. Medium-sized and small companies in particular need tailor-made and cost-effective solutions. However, making SmartCountr regionally dependent on different infrastructure variants was not a viable solution for Infinite Devices, especially since it also deprived itself of the possibility of standardising the platform. In order to establish a radio connection deep in remote rural areas, Narrowband (NB) IoT is a good way to build a radio link, as this radio technology only transmits small data packets with more frequent repetitions.

However, finding a partner that offers not only the necessary NB-IoT technology, but also a reliable mobile infrastructure at an appropriate tariff, was extremely difficult. However, with A1 Digital International GmbH, the start-up has found the right partner. Unlike many other vendors, A1 Digital's managed connectivity solution, combined with proven M2M-SIM cards and proven NB-IoT technology, guarantees reliable networking of devices worldwide.

A1 Digital's managed connectivity solution allows Infinite Devices to offer its customers progressive IoT technologies with correspondingly stable connectivity from a single source by leveraging an end-to-end NB-IoT network, therefore also closing supply gaps in cities or rural areas where grid connectivity often weakens. The Bulk SIM Management Platform SIMplify manages the M2M-SIM cards installed in the smart devices, which can also be used to smoothly monitor a large number of SIM cards. The API concept also makes the platform easy to integrate into existing solutions.


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