With Managed Connectivity, Routeco focuses on process optimisation through remote analysis and visualisation

Routeco, a partner of A1 Digital, offers managed connectivity, an IoT solution for the evaluation of sensor data from melting furnaces.

“A1 Digital's IoT and managed connectivity solution fits perfectly into our service offering because it integrates quickly with our products, is easy to use and can be extended with our own applications. Our partner offers customer-specific solutions that are 100% consistent with our ideas of efficient machine use through real-time information & cost reduction thanks to remote maintenance.”

Gerald Steinkellner, PSS Automation & Software at Routeco GesmbH

For more than 20 years, Routeco GesmbH has been working in Upper Austria as a specialist in sales and consulting for automation technology. In combination with its special offering, which ranges from the sensor to the cloud, Routeco therefore covers almost all areas of automation.

With Secomea's industrial router and EdgeDevice “SiteManager”, Routeco offers its customers secure, real-time remote access to their industrial plant and equipment. The SiteManager transmits the collected data such as temperature, speed and runtime of the machine systems at specified intervals to the IoT platform of A1 Digital International GmbH. Cumulocity, the cloud-based IoT toolkit developed in cooperation with Software AG, enables the configuration of industry-specific applications for the management and monitoring of devices and services in real time.

As part of A1 Digital's managed connectivity solution offered by Routeco, the routers are equipped with a slot for MultiNetwork M2M SIM cards that guarantee data transfer to the IoT platform even in the event of an overloaded WLAN, as they log into the best network. All sensor data is analysed on the IoT platform and graphically processed via a modern, customisable web user interface and can be accessed by the customer around the clock. The data is hosted on the A1 digital internet platform Exoscale, which is 100% GDPR compliant with its six data centres in the DACH Region.

RAUCH Furnace Technology GmbH in Gmunden has also recognised the advantages of this special service offering from Routeco. The
high-quality melting technology solutions for the processing of magnesium, zinc and other non-ferrous metals from RAUCH stand for sustainability, quality and resilience over several production cycles. The continuous optimisation of the plants in various areas is essential in order to be able to remedy and understand any eventualities that could negatively affect both the process and the safety. Since the most diverse influencing factors have to be taken into account during optimisation, a solution was sought with which RAUCH can rely not only on company experience but also on data directly from the plant at the end customer.

With the new ability to collect and visualise different sensor data via the A1 Digital Cumulocity Cloud, RAUCH can now identify and understand problems and risks at an early stage to prevent a breakdown. The collection of process data helps to increase machine and production efficiency and to extend the service life of the plants.

For example, remote analysis of temperature data can be used to optimise the heating controller, thereby reducing energy consumption, minimising Co2 and saving costs. By evaluating recorded data, predictive maintenance can be ensured. In the future, it would also be conceivable to simulate the service life or wear of the furnace when using critical materials (e.g. temperature curves of the melting material) with sensors attached to machines. By using “what if analyses”, risk failures could be avoided and the service life of the entire plant could be extended significantly.

RAUCH was also convinced by the user-friendliness of the modular solution, which not only allows flexible, time-independent recording of data directly via the controller, but also the use and development of own applications. The attractive graphical interface facilitates the real-time evaluation of the sensor data.

“With the introduction of the Secomea SiteManager, customer support and the further development of our products have been significantly simplified and the foundation for future digitisation projects has been created. We have a long-standing partnership with Routeco, not least because Routeco thinks in a forward-looking way and convinces us with fast, competent and personal support around the clock," explains Robert Loidl, Team Coordinator Software Engineering at RAUCH Furnace Technology GmbH.


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