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The high-tech industrial location of Germany is dominated by small and medium-sized companies. When it comes to digitizing processes, there are special challenges for every industry - but also individual solutions. Find strategies and products to help make your business fit for digital transformation.

Digital solutions for the construction industry

Whether 3D printing, building data modeling (BIM) or mobile work: Smart technologies support your building project and ensure greater efficiency in operation and administration. Find out how your company can benefit from digitization.

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Smart specialists

Products that communicate with machines, IT-optimized and -controlled processes and a minimum error rate: Use the digitization options for your industry and at the same time relieve the burden on your experts.

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Digital turbo for logistics

Logistics is already one of the most digital divisions in Germany today. The Internet of Things is an important driver here - and an integral part of new service offerings. Read about the opportunities that IoT solutions bring to your business.

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Future model smart production

The manufacturing industry in particular is clearly feeling the growing customer demands for products. The establishment of faster production processes is essential, but above all the products have to be smarter. Digitization supports networked products by means of machine learning or data evaluation via SIM card in order to analyze user behavior, to better meet customer requirements - and thus to ensure greater satisfaction. Learn how your company becomes a smart factory.

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Digitisation in retail

The customer is at the centre of every trading activity. The demands placed on shopping and customer experiences are changing, and so is the whole industry. Optimization and automation of processes as well as personalization are the drivers of digitization in retail. Find out about opportunities and solutions for your company.

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