Manufacturing becomes smart

A connected world also has implications for the manufacturing industry: without the networking of components, it becomes increasingly difficult for the manufacturing industry to produce economically. One way to master this challenge is, for example, to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to expand the production line to a smart factory in which production is intelligently networked - and everything communicates with everything. Or products are equipped with SIM cards to make them smart and automatically discover how the product is used by the customer. As you can see, digitization can also help your industry master the challenges of ever-increasing competition.

A look at your industry

Digitalisation helps manufacturing companies meet the challenges in a high-density market. For example, maintenance in our own production facilities can be made more efficient. Thanks to IoT, RFID and Big Data, predictive maintenance is possible: Machines independently detect when maintenance is due – which significantly reduces support costs. New business models are also made possible: Instead of just selling a product, smart technologies allow rentals including billing after use. Digitisation makes the product a service and ensures greater customer loyalty. Read here how linked data optimises manufacturing processes and what other digitisation possibilities are specifically available for your industry.

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Florian Schwaiger