The world of retail is digital

New technologies in the areas of sensor technology, visualisation, mobile and cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence are driving the digitalisation and networking of retail. They enable new shopping and customer experiences as well as the optimisation and automation of any process.


Purchasing: Machine Learning for Cost Optimisation

In the past, a lack of transparency and changing pricing structures often presented purchasing departments with challenges: When is the cheapest time to buy? Who is the best provider and on what terms should we agree? With a targeted use of machine learning algorithms, relevant company data (purchasing conditions, stock levels, etc.) can be blended with general market data (seasonal events, weather forecasts, etc.).

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Warehouse logistics

Today, customers expect to be able to access a very wide range of products at all times. This poses massive challenges for the warehouse management of the suppliers, because the large range must always be available in sufficient quantities and at the same time the overall lead time must be as efficient as possible. While warehouse management typically uses very specific systems, there is still great potential in the field of sensor-supported processes.

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Store Operations

At the POS (Point of Sale) it is extremely important to have all the necessary information available at all times, including live access to warehouses, product availability in other branches, communication with the head office, but also the connection of the payment terminals as well as safety-critical systems such as fire protection systems, anti-theft devices and monitoring systems. Site networking for easier maintainability in the same network is already state-of-the-art for many retailers.

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People Counter

Driven by Covid-19, retailers and supermarkets are focused on protecting their employees and customers - through distance control, protective equipment and store utilization management. To help retailers meet these challenges and comply with government regulations, we have developed A1 Digital's People Counter, an IoT solution that enables real-time customer counting and display.

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Machine learning is transforming the online and offline world of retail in a sustainable way and providing unimagined insights along the value chain. Whether in the areas of procurement, warehousing, POS, product selection and marketing – machine learning offers new decision-making bases. For example, the A1 Digital Machine Learning Platform enables you to make detailed demand forecasts and detect revenue declines at an early stage. Parameters such as seasonality, customer type, and product trends are only part of a large data lake that can be accessed and supplemented by additional data. This means that the corresponding alarms can be defined and strategic measures can be planned.

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Goods delivery: Your customers will thank you

Regardless of whether goods are sold via online or offline channels, delivery of the products is increasingly a challenge. This is because customers expect to be able to view information about their delivery status at all times. Our connectivity and tracking solutions enable a new customer experience and ensure competitiveness over big players in the B2B and B2C sectors.

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Customer support: Each customer's communication channel

While we've arrived in the age of online communication, phone contact for customer support is still the most popular, according to studies. But the phone has competition: Because digital channels (social media, email or messaging services) are now taken for granted. At the same time, there is great time pressure, especially in the private customer segment. Customers want their enquiries answered within a few minutes.

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A look at your industry

Retail has been changing for some time now due to new distribution channels in the online world. But the development potential extends across all segments of the value chain. The investment relevance of the individual measures is constantly increasing, optimising processes and putting the customer at the centre. But where to start?: Find out where digitalisation is worthwhile in your industry in the following articles – and how far it has already progressed.

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