Branch operation: How to pull all the strings

At the POS (Point of Sale) it is extremely important to have all the necessary information available at all times, including live access to warehouses, product availability in other branches, communication with the head office, but also the connection of the payment terminals as well as safety-critical systems such as fire protection systems, anti-theft devices and monitoring systems. Site networking for easier maintainability in the same network is already state-of-the-art for many retailers. In the event of a connectivity failure, this can have serious consequences for day-to-day business: Decline in sales due to a lack of payment possibilities, uncoordinated and therefore delayed delivery or interruption of the cold chain are just a few examples. More importantly, there can be dire consequences for the entire store, for example if a burglary or fire is not detected early and countermeasures can be taken, this can be dangerous for the entire POS.

In order to prevent these scenarios, more and more retailers are relying on a mobile backup solution via mobile network in addition to the wired technologies. In addition to the existing cable line, all branches will also be connected to the internet via mobile phone.

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Integration of SIM cards into the existing company network