Artificial intelligence makes your data the most valuable asset of your business

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) are among the most important topics of digital transformation. We integrate AI into your everyday business.

The optimal application of machine learning requires know-how and suitable tools

Machine learning sounds complex, but that´s not necesarrily the case. We will show you how the best way to start looks like. Together with you, we will find the best way to maximize the value of your data: Our experts analyze approaches for AI projects with you, formulate a business case from this and integrate existing data into these scenarios. We also evaluate the technical requirements (data sources, IT infrastructure) with you and set up a pilot project where we will assist you until the rollout.

Deployment Scenario Predictive Maintenance

Machine Learning can dramatically reduce the cost and effort of machine maintenance and prevent downtime.

In expensive and maintenance-intensive machines, sensors can measure different operating states. This data can be used for AI applications. Here, algorithms in the data look for patterns that typically precede failures or repairs and report such characteristics so that maintenance can be performed prior to machine downtime.

Application scenario Customer Journey

Machine Learning can gain valuable insights from customer data

Heat maps allow algorithms to track the customer journey and link it with other data from your company. This allows predictions on customer behavior and sales, but also, for example, on the utilization of individual branches of a retail chain. New locations for branches can thus be optimally planned.

Scenario Churn Prediction

Use Machine Learning to identify when a customer wants to quit.

Based on the user behavior of a customer (how often a service is used, how often is a product used, how often does the customer contact the hotline, ...), machine learning can be used to make precise forecasts as to whether a customer wants to move to another provider. This makes it possible to react in time with concrete measures and to keep the customer.

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Our ML modules fit all brands

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