Many various use cases, one platform

To gain value from Machine Learning, it must be driven by business needs.

The A1 Digital Machine Learning Platform powered by BigML enables business users and data science experts to develop Machine Learning problem solving competences and to integrate Machine Learning in data related routines. With the platform, it is possible to automate every step needed to create, deploy, and maintain high performing algorithms.

Accurate predictions, intelligent visualizations and intuitive modeling functionality enable users to identify and exploit insights and trends.
The platform is usable without previous knowledge and built for all skill levels - from beginners to advanced data scientists.

It is easy to solve and automate processes such as:

Supervised Learning:

Classification (Decision Trees, Ensembles, Deepnets)
Regression (linear and logistic)
• Time Series Forecasting
• OptiML

Unsupervised Learning:

• Cluster Analysis
• Anomaly Detection
• Association Discovery
• Topic Modeling
• Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Screenshots of the platform

Interpretable and exportable Models

All predictive models come with interactive visualization and explainability features that make them easy to interpret. They can be exported and used to serve local, offline predictions or be instantaneously deployed as part of distributed, real-time applications.


Visualizations such as Partial Dependence Plots effectively generate and display thousands of model predictions at a glance. Meanwhile Prediction Explanations and Field Importance identifications shed light on factors driving individual predictions.


All models are fully exportable via JSON PML (and PMML) and can be used by all popular programming languages. This means you can seamlessly plug your models into your applications or other services.

REST API for traceable and reproducible models

Machine Learning models can be built and integrated using the REST API and bindings from different languages such as Python, Node.js, Ruby, Java, Swift and more.


All created resources are immutable and stored with a unique ID and the creation parameters, which enables you to track any Machine Learning workflow at any time.


Granular record-keeping and transparency make it possible to reproduce results and are crucial to meet regulatory and audit compliance requirements.


Instead of time-consuming work of hand-tuning models or executing complex workflows, one can use the one-click menu options in the dashboard or single API calls.


Automatic optimization for model selection and parameterization of classification and regression algorithms save a lot of time by creating and evaluating hundreds of models to find the ones with the best performance.


Convert your workflows into reusable scripts in a single click.

Versatility and Flexibility

The A1 Digital Machine Learning Platform is a standardized framework that can be used to solve various use cases across many departments  and industries.


Privacy & Collaboration

Every user has a private Dashboard and all resources created on it or via the API are secure and private. All connections to the platform use HTTPS, ensuring the security of user data and communications.

Organizations: You also have the possibility to create so-called organizations. This provides you and your team with a shared workspace to access projects and resources together.

Security: The Machine Learning Platform is ISO certified and runs on the European Cloud Exoscale. Highest security standards and GDPR conformity are guaranteed.


Interested in Machine Learning but still have some pending questions? Feel free to contact us any time. Our experts will come back to you as soon as possible.

Stefanie Pichler

Product Manager for Machine Learning and Advanced Data Analytics