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Wanted: A modern IoT platform

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Using the pool vehicles has become much easier for employees. And of course the platform also makes life easier for colleagues in fleet management.

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The Challenge:

"Thanks to the platform, we have significantly improved the utilization of our fleet," reports Rainer Mayrhofer, Business World Management at A1. In fact, thanks to better planning, the company was able to reduce the number of its pool vehicles by a third - with almost the same mileage.

At the beginning there was an analysis of the utilization, condition and costs of the company vehicles, which each department used for itself at the time. Based on this, the decision was made to centralize the provision of the pool vehicles. A step that the departments "received with slight skepticism," remembers Rainer Mayrhofer.

A start was made on defining requirements and evaluating possible solutions. The most innovative came from the subsidiary A1 Digital: a modern IoT platform that relies on M-to-M communication. Adaptable in all directions. Realized as an agile project. "These were very important requirements," emphasizes Rainer Mayrhofer, because on the one hand there were always short-term changes. On the other hand, A1 Telekom still has a whole range of future projects that it would like to implement on the platform.

The Goal: to make life easier for everyone involved

The skepticism has long since given way to a high level of acceptance, which is not only due to the accompanying internal marketing that Rainer Mayrhofer started before the new platform was introduced: “Using the pool vehicles has become much easier for the employees. And of course, the platform also makes life easier for colleagues in fleet management.” For example, the search for keys and vehicles or the people responsible for handing them over is over. Thanks to the integrated telematics platform, A1 Car Sharing knows their status.

The Task

Digitalization of the management of the company car fleet of A1 Telekom
Several hundred pool vehicles with different configurations
Several thousand employees
More than 60 locations across Austria

The Solution

A modern IoT platform hosted in Austria
Contemporary user interface as desktop and smartphone apps
Integrated telematics platform
Communication via M-to-M (machine-to-machine) mobile networks
Connection to the corporate IT

The Effects

Reduction of the existing vehicle fleet by 30%
Higher utilization due to better planning
Higher vehicle availability thanks to integrated service connection
High acceptance due to modern user experience
Elimination of tedious manual tasks through digitalization

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