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Why Burton chose A1 Digital People Counter


Plug and play

A1 Digital scored with the plug and play functionality of the solution.


Multi-Store platform

With People Counter, A1 Digital has developed a multi-store platform for up to 400 stores.



The A1 Digital People Counter delivers store-related, fact-based and real-time decision-making information.

Burton case study portrait thomas pittl

“The concept of A1 Digital has convinced us. From the uncomplicated installation, to the excellent support during calibration or activation during commissioning, to the absolutely reliable hardware.”

Thomas Pittl IT Manager Europe at Burton Sportartikel Gesellschaft m.b.H.

About Burton

BURTON SNOWBOARDS (BS) is the world's leading manufacturer of snowboards and snowboard equipment. Founded in 1977 by Jake Burton in Vermont, USA, the company manufactures boards and bindings, snowboard boots and jackets, gloves and all kinds of technical equipment that it sells in its worldwide stores. In addition to functional snow wear, Burton also offers a large collection of streetwear and backpacks, as well as countless accessories and accessory items. The company has offices in Burlington (USA) and Innsbruck (Austria) and its own stores in cities such as Innsbruck, Zurich, Stockholm, New York, Tokyo, Chicago and San Francisco.

Knowing the visitor frequency of a store in real time is important for any company with a store concept, as it reveals interesting insights and enables informed business decisions. Burton also uses frequency measurement to check store utilisation. Until now, however, each store manager had to report the measured figures manually to the head office. In the course of the reopening of the flagship store in Stockholm, Burton was looking for a suitable People Counter solution. In the first step, it should measure the foot traffic in the new flagship store, automatically generate and send reports and analyse the data including the weather data.

Collecting Insights

Due to the long-standing partnership and the close contract of Burton Sportartikel GmbH in Innsbruck with A1 Telekom Austria, A1 Digital International GmbH’s People Counter solution for the optical recording of persons was quickly discussed, and its tailor-made functionality was a perfect match for Burton's requirements. In addition, A1 Digital also scored with the plug and play functionality of its solution.

With People Counter, A1 Digital has developed a multi-store platform for up to 400 stores with the goal of providing store operators with a plug-and-play solution that delivers store-related fact-based and real-time decision-making bases. Using a combination of several sensors, the people entering and leaving the store are counted. The collected data is automatically sent in the form of visitor reports per store to a uniform counting platform - in the case of Burton at the head office in Innsbruck - for recording, backup and further processing. There, Burton's data is visualised, correlated with the appropriate weather data, and evaluated to better track visitor behaviour. People Counter could even monitor pandemic-related square-meter restrictions for visitors per store.

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