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Robust and reliable telematics that function seamlessly across national borders count

Friedrich Ahammer Rail Sea Portrait

“The overall package from A1 Digital counts: In the past we have worked with various telematics solutions and gained experience. Unfortunately, it was usually the case that the data quality was insufficient due to defective devices, outdated technologies or problems with the server structure".

Friedrich Ahammer CEO Rail&Sea Logistics GmbH

Better planning

These solutions provide customers with more planning security and also give them the opportunity to optimize the process chain. The resource and availability planning of the fleet also plays an important role. Because the last few months have shown how important reliable and, above all, plannable, transparent procurement is for the manufacturing industry and also for downstream processing.

Winning new customers

With innovative strength and process optimization as well as solutions that were developed in cooperation with A1, Rail&Sea Logistics is not only able to offer existing customers significant benefits, but also to become attractive to new customers.

Improving internal processes

At the same time, the company is working on permanently improving its own internal processes. “We work with highly complex software solutions. With asset tracking, we automate many processes and thus reduce the workload of our employees,” explains Ahammer. This is also done in the interests of the customers: "Our employees can take care of other customer concerns and we as a company can survive in the increasingly tough competition."

The customer

The Rail&Sea Logistics Group was founded in 1997 and is considered a highly modern, flexible partner on Europe's rails. From the JPT loading system patent (late 1990s) to today's GPS tracking system for each individual rail freight: innovative strength was, is and will remain the strength of Rail&Sea Logistics GmbH.

How we helped Rail&Sea add value to their customers

The basis for the digital solutions used is the IoT platform from A1 Digital. This is used to automatically collect, forward and analyze data – e.g. to determine the location of trains or wagons. Up to 1,000 freight cars have already been equipped with hardware and M2M SIM cards from A1 Digital.

Screenshot iot plattform rail

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