M2M Management Platform SIMplify and MPLS Guarantee Secure Data Transfer

Founded in 2009 for the development and marketing of software products, SPRYFLASH's 15 front-end and back-end specialists are now focusing on smart innovations that allow partners and customers to benefit from the opportunities offered by digitalisation.

In addition to individual software programming, SPRYFLASH offers a number of innovative in-house products, most notably the powerful IoT software package SPRYCONTROL PRO. It helps companies in a wide range of industries generate and utilise machine and device data to increase efficiency.

The latest, trend-setting SPRYFLASH innovation, the SC PRO GSM DATA LOGGER, offers the customer the possibility to generate and collect sensor and status information such as temperature, humidity, operating hours or degree of filling and to utilise it in a value-added manner. In order to ensure an absolutely secure data transfer to the in-house data centre (DC), SPRYFLASH relies on the National Roaming M2M SIM cards in conjunction with the bulk SIM management platform “SIMplify” from A1 Digital International GmbH and a MPLS high-security network, also from A1 Digital. At the request of SPRYFLASH, the setup was set up so that the client schedules the A1 in the MPLS network. This allows the SIM cards to communicate both internally with each other and with a selected server, which then processes the data further, but not with the public internet. In the DC, the data is further processed according to customer-specific requirements into key figures, statistics, evaluations, logs, etc. or directly triggers events such as orders.

The SC PRO GSM DATA LOGGER is currently used, for example, in Austrian pharmacies, which are obliged to keep complete temperature records of the storage of temperature-sensitive medicines and to present these in the event of a return of goods. This is where SPRYFLASH's solution is used, which is specially tailored to the problems of pharmacies, enabling data to be collected even in very special storage facilities such as safes. In the near future, data will be automatically loaded from the SPRY CONTROL PRO platform via a connection to the pharmacy software and linked to the returns order of the APO software.

“The implementation of the data acquisition concept for pharmacies is only possible through A1 Digital, as it offers a secure M2M platform from GSM to MPLS to our data centre. In addition, A1 Digital is supported by the “SIMplify” API interface provided to us, which enables automated management of the individual M2M Sim cards. Of particular importance in the development and implementation of the concept was the exceptionally high technical understanding of our contact persons at A1 Digital, a fact that we by no means take for granted.”

Andrea Campitelli, Managing Director of SPRYFLASH GmbH