Digitized construction machines for internationally operating traditional construction company from Austria

The large international construction company PORR AG based in Vienna relies on digital fleet management and asset tracking solutions from A1 Digital. These enable efficient management and use of company-owned construction machinery across national borders. The management of the large construction equipment fleet previously required an intensive administrative effort.

Always up to date: from a concrete pioneer to a high-tech company

The customer:

The roots of PORR AG date back to 1869. Arthur Porr, namesake of today's company, is considered a pioneer of concrete construction and made it mass suitable. Today, Porr employs more than 13,000 people and, as a full service provider, shapes the construction industry in Austria and Europe in all imaginable sectors.

The challenge:

As a major construction company, PORR AG has a considerable fleet of machines at a large number of locations in several countries. A general problem in the management of fleets of such dimensions is first of all the high manual effort: planning of the machine operations at different locations, compensation of failures, planning of maintenance etc.

Avoidance of expensive downtime

Not only a high expenditure on manpower is required, but it comes even at unforeseen downtimes of machines, for example due to technical failures due to inaccurate maintenance cycles or additional work in the maintenance coordination. All in all, companies are faced with massive costs in the manual management of the machine fleet. A more efficient use of the machines relieves the employees and reduces the operating costs. This makes it of fundamental importance for future competitiveness. A digital solution and additional hardware were needed, which were not allowed to intervene in the existing electronics of the machines.

The solution:

A1 Digital solved this problem by networking the PORR machine fleet in record time. Together with the telematics specialist Rosenberger Telematics, after a first successful pilot project involving 100 vehicles, A1 Digital equipped the company's entire construction vehicle fleet with a tailor-made fleet management and asset tracking system. First of all, an individual hardware solution with robust sensors was created, which can easily withstand conditions on construction sites. This hardware was equipped with a GPS receiver as well as an M2M SIM card, which in conjunction with a backend software application continuously sends status information via the mobile network. This information can be accessed via a central portal. The customized software also includes a specially developed portal for the works council to protect employees. In addition, the software is installed, continuously hosted and maintained in the A1 Digital Computing Center with all necessary interfaces to third-party systems. For an optimal introduction and a seamless conversion of the construction equipment fleet, A1 Digital set up a central service administration portal for coordination and roll-out planning by its own assembly staff at various customer locations. The roll-out was preceded by the training of PORR's own assembly staff in a "train-the-trainer" concept. Here, the employees were accompanied step by step through the process of quality assurance by photo documentation by means of an innovative assembly app.

More than 4,000 machines and vehicles networked without significant disruptions to operations

The result:

In this way, 1,000 vehicles could be equipped with digital technology at 30 locations per month. A total of more than 4,000 construction machines and vehicles of the company were equipped with an on-board computer and put into digitally networked operation. And that, without any significant interference with day-to-day operations and without interference with existing vehicle electronics. Today, PORR benefits from the reduction of maintenance costs and the optimization of maintenance processes, the theft protection and the location of their machines in real time as well as an individual and user-friendly software.

Services at a glance: Fleet Management and Asset Tracking

  • All services for digitizing your vehicle fleet and your machines.
  • A1 Digital supports your company from the first consultation to the installation of the technologies.
  • Network your business assets and leverage the power of the Internet of Things for efficient machine use and reduced maintenance costs.
  • The products of A1 Digital can easily be integrated into an existing fleet.
  • With the collected data, you receive via cloud all relevant information about your machines in real time, for example: Location, consumption, utilization and maintenance status.
  • Electronic logbooks reduce the bureaucracy; Intelligent alarm solutions protect your machines against misuse and theft.
  • At the push of a button, you receive data analyzes, KPIs and benchmarks - conveniently and centrally controlled via the web portal of A1 Digital.
  • Let us advise you on your individual, tailor-made Fleet Management solution for efficient machine management.


Solve the problem with a solution from A1 Digital

  • Massive costs through the data analysis and maintenance of machines and vehicles that are scattered across national borders are reduced by the networked vehicles and devices automatically detected by GPS and M2M sim cards.
  • Expensive downtime of vehicles and machinery during the implementation of digital tools and processes is avoided through modular, tailored and flexible solutions.
  • Excessive staffing and transitional project management issues during the transition are avoided through a central service administration portal for coordination and roll-out planning and an A1 Digital assembly team at the sites.