WEINMANN Emergency provides rescuers with unlimited mobile access to mission data - thanks to integration of A1 Digital

In an emergency, every mbit counts! In the modern ambulance service, good network coverage in the initial care of patients is essential in order to be able to document all information about the operation and pass it on to the head office and hospital. Especially in remote or border areas of Germany, this is often not given. The solution: WEINMANN Emergency's Medical Pads feature A1 Digital multi-network SIM cards, which allow the best connection possible at any time, anywhere, without having to change SIM cards.

The customer:

WEINMANN Emergency Mobile System GmbH from Hamburg has been developing software solutions for the rescue industry since 1999. Today, with its mobile MedicalPad, WEINMANN Emergency is one of the leading providers of digital documentation solutions in the German-speaking region. The MedicalPad not only documents ambulance, rescue and emergency medical operational protocols in digital form. It also covers the entire process chain from alerting, to entering the arrival and patient data, recording the logistic vehicle and billing data, up to the recording of all treatment steps as well as billing. Each solution is coordinated with the customer to meet the requirements of the respective emergency service.

The challenge:

In order to be able to exchange the arrival data between the central server and the tablet PCs used, stable network coverage is absolutely necessary during the operation. Especially in the case of operations in infrastructure-weak regions within Germany and in border and cross-border operations, there is a risk that the use of only one mobile communications provider may result in connection interruptions due to insufficient network coverage. As a rule, however, the devices used have only one SIM card slot for a SIM card that is linked to a provider's network. In theory, the emergency services would have to carry several SIM cards from different providers in order to guarantee access to operational data at all times. For a project close to the Netherlands, WEINMANN Emergency therefore had to find a SIM card provider that allows the use of several mobile networks – in this project even a cross-border use of several mobile networks – with one SIM card, while offering an economically competitive product at the same time.

The solution:

A1 Digital International GmbH provided the solution to the problem with its multi-network SIM cards. A1 Digital's M2M SIM cards use virtually every available mobile phone network. In the event of a lack of or poor network coverage at the site, the SIM card automatically switches to the mobile network with the best coverage as part of the roaming tariff to ensure the flow of data – and throughout Europe. Even operations close to borders are no longer a problem. Instead of having to purchase custom tablet designs with two SIM card slots to ensure network change in case of an emergency, the A1 Digital multi-network SIM card allows emergency services to use proven standard hardware with only one SIM card slot. In addition, customers can also fully participate in the innovation progress of tablet developments. For the connection to the WEINMANN Emergency server, A1 Digital also established a VPN connection with static IP addresses to ensure secure data transfer between the tablet and the server. The bulk SIM management platform SIMplify, also provided by A1 Digital, allows the respective emergency service to administer the data cards and monitor data consumption. 

Facts about A1 Digital's Managed Connectivity solution:

A1 Digital M2M SIM cards enable data communication from WEINMANN Emergency's MedicalPads even in border or remote areas.

  • The Multi-Network SIM cards automatically dial into the mobile network with the best coverage within the roaming tariff
  • Premium connectivity in over 130 countries, security via VPN and MPLS
  • High-robust M2M SIM cards
  • Bulk SIM Management Platform “SIMplify”


With A1 Digital from problem to solution:

  • Networking new or existing technical devices can be easily achieved with A1 Digital's Managed Connectivity solutions.
  • Communication with technical devices can be a security risk - however, with A1 Digital's M2M SIM cards even global data transmission is secure.
  • Tailor-made roaming tariffs and individual (de-)activation of individual SIM cards save you money on connectivity costs.
  • Putting new ideas for innovative networked products and solutions into practice often seems impossible - with A1 Digital workshops and concepts your idea becomes reality, from the first prototype to series production.